The essence of AOVE Águra, our olive oil company

AOVE Águra

AOVE Águra is a family-run company that was formed by my parents Jesús Aguilar and María Luisa and their five children, included me. All of us were raised in a large tradition of farmers, surrounded by nature. So my parents know what they are talking about in concerned of olive trees and plantations.

In 2012 we decided to start a new project, the AOVE Águra company to elaborate the most especial Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the ‘Aguilar Segura’. In this way, we could monitoring rigorously the whole process, from the olive tree to the packaging, going through the recollection and grinding process.

What makes us special?

That is a tricky question... For us, AOVE Águra is a wish came true. An idea that we were dreaming about for a long time and became real. Our main goal is to provide our customers an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, the best spanish olive oil. That is why we work everyday training ourselves to improve the quality and all the processes surround the olive oil. Taking care of every detail in the process.

Our centenarian olive trees are more than 200 years old inherited by our ancestors. They are located in the region of Humilladero in Málaga (Spain). There, they enjoy wonderful climate conditions that provide them with all their essences and nutrients. The olive trees are surrounded by Laguna de la Ratosa. A Natural Reserve characterized by very reduced vegetation, the waters are from a torrent and rainfall and its extraordinary fauna are full of flamingos, storks, etc.


We let you here a video that tells more about our story. For you to see what is really behind our Extra Virgin Olive Oil products:

And what about the Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

For the production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we use what is called as Integrated Agriculture. A rural production system with compatible practices for the protection and improvement of the environment, natural resources, genetic diversity and the conservation of the land and the landscape.

We also use traditional agriculture where the olive trees are planted with a separation between them of 7x7m. That allows that the trees grow freely without any limitation and not to be replanted later along the period of productivity.

All these aspects are the essence of our olive oils. What makes them special. We offer to the public three different kinds of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), each of them with very unique characteristics that make them high-quality olive oils.

If you would like to try them, you can visit our online shop and order the EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees, the Picual EVOO or the Premium EVOO. Remember that if you like them, you could contact us to let a review.

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