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Why Olive Oil is good for you

10 reasons why Olive Oil is good for you

The Mediterranean Sea area is one of the locations more fertile of the world. That’s one of the reasons why Olive Oil produced in this area is of the best quality and it has many benefits for your health. Today, we are talking about 10 reasons why you should choose it. Don’t miss it!

First of all, Olive Oil we consume in our everyday life should be one of the best quality, for that, we have to search for the label ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’.

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olivenol fur die haarpflege

Olive Oil for hair care

Did you know that olive oil is used for hair care? In this post we explain how to use our Premium Olive Oil to care for hair. We are in the middle of May and, as you know, the sun is shining very hard these days…

Besides our skin, our hair also suffers the consequences of solar rays. Today, we would like to share a homemade remedy with you to solve this problem. To apply Olive Oil in your hair is a really useful remedy to maintain your hair hydratated and strengthen its structure.

Olive Oil is rich in tocopherol and essential minerals for the cells, components with regenerating and moisturizing properties. They provide with necessary nutrients for your hair to recover its vitality.

We always say that AOVE is essential in our kitchens, but we also have to make room for it in our bathroom.

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