The olive oil bottle: The best container to preserve it

There is no doubt that olive oil is a delicacy. Therefore it would be a pity to lose its qualities by not keeping it in a good place or not using the right packaging. For this reason, at AOVE Águra we take care of every detail so that you can enjoy our oil. Our packaging par excellence is the olive oil bottle and we will tell you why.

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olive oil sponge cake

Caramelized olive oil sponge cake

We will show you how to make this easy caramelized olive oil sponge cake with white chocolate. Delicious and different, it will surprise you. We have to thank the restaurant El Gallinero de Sandra for the recipe. This is one of the desserts you can find in their menu.

To make this dessert we will first make the oil sponge cake and then the ganache:

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benefits olive oil

Is Olive Oil good for your health?

Is Olive Oil good for your health? The olives are originated in Grecia and Asia Minor. The olive trees started to expand through the Mediterranean 6000 years ago. In this way, the olives began to be part of the Mediterranean Diet. In fact, it’s a basic food for Andalusian farmers and people from Extremadura during XIX and XX siècle because it’s the essential ingredient to make Olive Oil, the food we’re talking about today in this post.

Do you know where to buy Spanish Olive Oil online?

Spain is the largest producer of Olive Oil in the whole world and our exportations have been increasing year by year. Our liquid gold, as Spanish called it, is produced in nearly every region in Spain but it is in the south of Spain where it has the main production. The region of Andalusia produces around 60% of Spain’s total output. In this part of the country, you can see olive trees covering the landscape if you travel by plane or by car through their roads. A breathtaking picture.

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