As far as we know the first generation to take care of our olive groveswas that of our mother’s grandmother, Maria. Our great-grandmother was the first to care for and maintain them in order that they remain alive today for us to enjoy. These are the same trees that produce our AOVE Olivos Centenarios today,an olive oil that is rich in aromas and complex and, at the same time, mellow, light and velvety. An oil manufactured with the knowledge of generations and the serenity and constancy of one who has witnessed the passage of time. That is how we describe our Olivos Centenarios or Centenary Olive Tree range – the olives of our great-grandmother – firm, reliable and robust and, at the same time, tranquil, composed and serene. In a word – unique.

Primera Generación

Our grandfather Paco planted the second grove when our mother was born, over 60 years ago. This is the second generation grove and the site of the well that provides water for the three groves today. Just like our AOVE Coupage Premium – stable, green, complex, of medium intensity and very aromatic with a wide variety of nuances.

Entre los olivos

The third grove is the most recent and was planted by our parents roughly 20 years ago – the third generation of trees, the youngest, strongest, most vibrant, and most intense, just like our AOVE Picual. The first harvest of these trees was collected by hand by us, the five siblings, and our parents. The trees were still small and, despite the fact that we weren’tthat big either (the eldest was 20, the youngest 8), we collected all the fruit in one day – a day we remember with great nostalgia, though it’s a shame we didn’t think of bringing a camera.

Logotipo Águra

AOVE Águra is the fourth generation, and we trustour legacy to the fifth generation will be a brand name. Instead of growing as trees our aim is to grow as a company, maintaining a way of working the land that we inherited from our great-grandmother, our grandfather and our parents and with the idea of contributing something lasting, namely Águra, the fruits of our efforts and a product that we extract from nature with care and dedication and with the serenity of the first generation and the tranquillity to do things without resorting to haste. From the second generation we have learned constancy, the determination and security that come from havingestablished solid roots. And from the third generation, strength, intensity and hope for the future.

Frutos del campo