What is the difference between Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

You have had the same question more than once where you were doing a recipe because most of them simply call for Olive Oil. However, when you go to the grocery store you would see a shelf full with different options. From Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the regular one. But, are they really different? Which one should you choose? What is the difference between Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The differences between Olive Oils are about the type of olive that is used as well as the process used to extract the oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is “real juice” from the best olives: healthy, whole and clean. However, the other Olive Oils are from olives from worse quality. That is the reason why they are refined, treated chemically and mixed with a 10% of Virgin Olive Oil to add more color and flavor.

Main differences between Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has a darker color than regular Olive Oil. One that is more green dark with a fruity taste. However, that is not the only aspect you have to know to distinguish them.
  • Another question to have in mind is the harvesting and the method they use to obtain the oil. EVOO is made from pure, cold-pressed olives whereas regular Olive Oil is a blend, including cold-pressed and processed oil.
  • EVOO is unrefined that means that it is not treated with chemicals. Some olives are refined to remove the flaws, making them more sellable. Any cold-pressed oil that does not meet Extra Virgin standards is then refined to get rid of undesirables agents.
  • And what about the flavor? Is it also different? Yes, EVOO retains truer olive taste due to the lower level of oleic acid that makes them preserve more vitamins and minerals found in olives. You can take a look at our post about Health benefits of olive oil.

elaboración de aceite de oliva virgen extra

It is a fact that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest-quality olive oil. That is because they have to fulfill very strict requirements to receive the label “Extra Virgin”. A very rigorous and time-consuming process. These factors contribute to the oil’s higher price.

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