Centenarian olive trees

One of the varieties of olive oil we produce comes from centenarian olive trees groves inherited from our ancestors.

Porte de olivo centenario

These trees produce an oil of great personality and unique nuances thanks to the mixture of varieties found throughout the grove –Lechín, Ocal, Manzanilla Cacereña and the more popular Hojiblanca. The coupage takes place in the grove itself as the different varieties are harvested simultaneously. These centenarian trees are unique in that they are all found in the same grove, independently of the variety of olive they bear. We even find some trees with different varieties on each branch – a fact that makes us unique.

olive tree

This blending of different types of olive lends complexity and richness to our oil, giving it a unique personality, full of nuances and beautifully balanced.Águra olive oil is rich in aromas, mellow and complex, and different to any other Virgin Extra Olive Oil found on the market. Tasting notes.

Olivar Agricultura Tradicional

These centenarian trees were planted in accordance with traditional agricultural methods, with a separation of about 10-12m and each with multiple trunks. This ample separation allows the trees to grow freely, without limitations, giving rise to robust trunks of notable girth.

Porte de un olivo centenario