The company

Team Family Aguilar SeguraAOVE Aguilar Segura is a family-run company formed by Jesús Aguilar Calderón,  María Luisa Segura Peche and their five children. Both of them come from a long tradition of farmers, where they have inherited their love for nature.

In 2012 we decided to start our new project elaborating our own extra virgin olive oil and commercialising it under the name “Aguilar Segura”.

With this project, our intention is to undertake a rigorous monitoring of the whole olive oil production process where we can control all of its aspects, from the olive tree, to the olive collection, then to the grinding process and the bottling, in order to obtain the highest quality oil.


The brand name ÁGURA is derived from the fusion of the family names AGUILAR and SEGURA.

Following some years of business training and the collective development of a tangible idea, our numerous points of view began to converge into one, single objective, a unifiedperception ofthe work-life balance that we wished to unite under a singleproject name. ÁGURA is symbolic of this joint purpose.

Our everyday job is to improve quality, working procedures and team organisation while maintaining a focus on personalised tasks and attention to detail and caring for our surroundings, our land and our olive trees.

We hope our website will allow you to get to know us a little better and find all the information you need regarding our products, the production process and our way of working in addition to recipes, recommendations and other curiosities.

To contact us pleasesend an email to, where we will be only too delighted to answer your doubts and queries or process your orders.