The new harvest of 2018

harvest EVOO

Last week our team started the harvesting of olives. November is the most important month for us due to the birth of the new harvest of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Today we show you the key moments of the process:

The perfect moment

At Humilladero, the place where the olive trees are cultivated, the olives reach their best moment in the middle of November. In this time of the year is when the veraison is started and it is the ideal time to pick them up due to the preservation of the natural scents and all the nutritive properties.

The harvesting of olives

In ÁGURA we pick up the olives carefully, for them to not suffer. It is very important to preserve the olive in a healthy and clean way, also without any dent, at the grinding time.

The extraction of the olive oil is cold made (below 27ºC) to preserve the scents and obtain the best flavor. Therefore, we obtain a Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an exceptional smell and flavor, and a scent that makes you remember to aromatic plants and freshly cut grass.

Once the Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been obtained, we let it rest for a few days and, after that, we filter it to eliminate the small remnants of pulp. To finish with, we bottle them inside a paint glass to protect it from light and preserve them in a better way.

The big differences between this Extra Virgin Olive Oil and others are two simple aspects: the care and cleanliness of the olives at the harvesting moment and cold extraction.

olive oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A different Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The ÁGURA olive oil from centenarian olive trees has a very peculiar aspect that makes it unique in the sector. Not just for the kind of olive tree from where the olive oil is extracted, but for the less common mixed varieties of olives: Hojiblanca, Lechín, Ocal, and Manzanilla.

This mix is appreciated in the final result because the olive oil has a great personality, rich in fruity and herbal scents, creating a Premium Olive Oil. Therefore we find a soft olive oil, it is not spicy or bitter. It is ideal for the final details in a vegetable plate as well as for white fish.

Also, it is perfect to elaborate every kind of desserts. To add it to fresh fruits and to bake pies, cupcakes, and cookies.

Another distinctive feature of the Olive Oil from centenarian trees is that analyzing them, you could detect that the centenarian trees have higher polifenol and provide with antioxidants.


Other Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In addition to the olive oil from our centenarian olive trees, we also elaborate other two varieties of Premium Extra Virgin:

The ÁGURA Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an intense and aromatic monovarietal ideal for every kind of meats, cheese, and vegetables.

ÁGURA Coupage, a mix of Picual and Hojiblanca variety. A very complex and versatile olive oil that goes with fish, meats or vegetables. Also, you could use it with chocolate desserts that makes it the perfect ingredient for gastronomy lovers.

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