10 reasons why Olive Oil is good for you

Why Olive Oil is good for you

The Mediterranean Sea area is one of the locations more fertile of the world. That’s one of the reasons why Olive Oil produced in this area is of the best quality and it has many benefits for your health. Today, we are talking about 10 reasons why you should choose it. Don’t miss it!

First of all, Olive Oil we consume in our everyday life should be one of the best quality, for that, we have to search for the label ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’.

Taking this into account, here they are the reasons why the EVOO is good for you:

  • Oleocanthal is a compound that is capable to destroy the cancer cells without damage the healthy ones, as it happens in chemotherapy or radiotherapy. And this compound is the cause of the aftertaste in your mouth after you swallow the Olive Oil.
  • Increase life expectancy. The consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil contributes to longevity. This is a fact that explains why Italians and Spanish people, that consume an average of 13L of Olive Oil per year, are the ones with the highest life expectancy of the world.
  • EVOO is anti-inflammatory. It helps also to the digestive system and liver. Various studies said that 50g of Olive Oil has the same anti-inflammatory effect as a tenth of an ibuprofen dose.
  • Reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase the ‘good’ one. This fact is beneficial to various aspects such as decrease the abdominal fat and protects you from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Help with weight loss. The oleylethanolamide has a satiating effect. Although Olive Oil is a caloric fact, reduce obesity due to the fact that it is digested in a better way than other fats.
  • Regulate blood pressure. EVOO is a monounsaturated fat and, as one, helps to reduce the risk of suffering hypertension.
  • Ease constipation due to the fact that Olive Oil has a light laxative effect when you take a tablespoonful on an empty stomach.
  • It’s also good for Alzheimer. According to different studies, if you consume monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats the risk to suffer Alzheimer is decrease.
  • Show off a perfect skin. Thanks to the monounsaturated fats again, your skin will look perfect. The high levels of antioxidants and vitamin E delay the harmful effects such as the loss of elasticity and collagen.
  • Protect against cardiovascular diseases. EVOO it’s a great cardiovascular protector because of its fenol levels that are higher than other oils. This fact avoids the proliferation of patches that block blood vessels and improves circulation.
BONUS TRACK: A recommendation for adults is to take at least 4 tablespoonfuls per day to benefit from all the great qualities this EVOO can give us.

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