We like to celebrate with friends, share a good table and live surrounded by olive trees

We are a family that likes to enjoy life, and above all gastronomy, and this is reflected in our Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

We make Águra EVOOs taking great care of the olives at the time of harvesting, so we get them to be intense, fruity and very aromatic.

EVOO ÁGURA is to share and enjoy 

Whether you want to enjoy yourself quietly at home, or if you want to surprise a friend or celebrate an event worth remembering, we have what you need at the following link:

Big events have to be celebrated

and share them with the people you appreciate

Personalize your bottle to thank the company and that everyone remembers that special day

AGURA symbolizes unity.

Family is very important to us, our parents have instilled in us the value of unity, of sharing, supporting and collaborating with each other.

And we wanted to reflect it in our brand name: The union of our father's surname (AGUILAR) with our mother's surname (SEGURA) forms a new word that gives us our name: EVOO ÁGURA

The origins from which we come AGuilar + segURA merge to form ÁGURA..


where is our olive grove

The olive grove is located in the Humilladero region, province of Málaga, bordering the countryside of Seville and Córdoba. It has a very stable temperate climate throughout the year.

Our olive trees are located at the foot of the Sierra de la Camorra, near the village of Los Carvajales in a landscape where olive groves abound, hardly broken by other crops. In its surroundings we find the lagoon of La Ratosa, a natural area of ​​salt water, where flamingos and other aquatic birds nest.