Gourmet Olive Oil

Gourmet Olive Oil

We are sure that you know how many varieties of Olive Oil are and which one you should use in every case. But, do you know why the Gourmet Olive Oil is so different?

I have a friend that always tells me that we can mirror the Olive Oil ranking with Football League.  They have teams in the Premier League, and others in the Second and Third Division. The same happens when we are talking about Olive Oil. In the Premier League are Olive Oils Virgin Extra, in the Second Division are Olive Oils Virgin and in the Third one are Olive Oils.

Without any doubts, the best Olive Oils are the ones that are in the Premier League (AOVE). However, some of them are about to be in the Second Division. However, others are just in their place and others play in International Competitions. These would be GOURMET Olive Oils (with International Awards).

Why are these Olive Oils different?

Smell and flavor of Gourmet Olive Oil

The aspects you can distinguish the most in Gourmet Olive Oil are smell and flavor. These oils smell and taste especially well.

Gourmet Olive Oil

We do not want to say that this kind of oils smells more than others. We have tried oils with a really strong flavor and smell that, obviously, they were not Olive Oil Virgin Extra.

In competitions, they are classified due to their intensity as strong (Picual EVOO), middle (Premium EVOO) and soft (EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees). Inside this classification, the best are the ones that have more nuance (fruits, vegetables or wildflowers).

If you are thinking about doing an Olive Oil tasting, the most important thing is that you could find nice scents, aromatic plants, freshly cut grass, field… Then you would know that you are tasting a Gourmet Olive Oil.

Additionally, it is a good thing that these oils have a bitter and spicy flavor, but not in excess.

Elaboration of Gourmet Olive Oil

The only way to obtain a Gourmet Olive Oil is taking care of its elaboration. The most important thing is that the olive is in perfect shape when is milled.

Gourmet Olive Oil

When we elaborate our Gourmet Olive Oil, we pick up the olives before they have a purple color (at that moment they start losing qualities). In addition to this, we have to take care that the olives are not hit or crush before going to the olive mill.

We mill the olives a few hours after picking them up from the tree. We realize the process in a cold way and pack the Olive Oil that we obtain in the first extraction.

Chemical analysis of Gourmet Olive Oil

When you analyze them in a laboratory, they have excellent properties, lower acidity (frequently besides 0.4%), more quantity of vitamins and antioxidants.

All Olive Oils are beneficial for our health (that not occur with other kinds of oils, these can produce cholesterol and favor the development of cancer). The Extra Gourmet Olive Oil is the one that has more beneficial properties. Additionally, you should consume it uncooked for not losing their vitamins and antioxidants.

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