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Extra Virgin Olive Oil PICUAL

Variety Picual


The olives used in EVOO Picual are collected when green or ripening. That is the time when both physical and chemical properties are in their optimum condition.

We are also very careful not to damage the olive, and that’s the reason why the oil is extracted in a cold environment on the day of harvesting. This gives the EVOO Picual a fresh aroma and makes it a healthy fruity oil.

In this variety we used a cold extraction method that takes place the same day of harvesting, being the olives processed within the next few houses. The acidity of EVOO Pivual is 0.09. This Olive Oil should be stored in a cool and low light environment.

At our online shop, you can choose different formats of EVOO Picual. We offer you this great Olive Oil in bottles of 500ml and 250ml for you to choose the best for you.

Tasting Notes

It has the intensity of fruity of green olive, with herbs, olive leaves, and tomato. The smell is reminiscent of herbaceous aromas, fig trees and green fruits, such as apples. It tastes of an olive leaf with a smooth finish, with green almonds, and with a slight astringency.

How can I use Picual Olive Oil for cooking? In AOVE Águra we recommend you EVOO Picual for toasts, salads, vegetables, bluefish and old cheeses. In this way, you can enjoy of the best olive oil for cooking these plates with an intense Olive Oil flavor in your favorite plates.


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Picual EVOO has received several awards along the past years. We are very honored to receive these awards as a recognition of all the effort we put in our oils as well as the achievement of a wish comes true. Here are some of the International awards received in the last years:

A Star in Great Taste Awards 2017 (UK)

Der Feinschmecker 2017 (Germany)

Solver Medal in Los Ángeles International Competition 2016 (USA)

Additional information

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Oil from the first COLD extraction.

The olives are harvested in October, still green or starting the veraison. They are milled immediately after harvesting.

We personally take care of the whole elaboration process, making sure that the olives are in perfect condition, freshly picked and very clean.

We put all the emphasis on obtaining fruity aromas to enjoy in every dish.


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