10 good reasons to buy Olive Oil online

10 reasons to buy Olive Oil online

The Internet allows us to go to so many different places that we would not have known in any other way. This is the main reason why buy Olive Oil online is the best choice we have nowadays. However, we would tell you a few more:

Know the origin

It is difficult to choose between one bottle of olive oil or another at a physical store since you do not have so much information about it. Just a few times, we could find information about the origin of the Olive Oil, besides the design of the bottle.

From where is it, how is it elaborated, which variety of olives have been used, who is behind the product… Such as our EVOO from centenary Olive Oil.You can find all that information at most of Olive Oil websites.


Olives ripening tree

24 hours availability

Our online store is open 24/7, that is the reason why you can shop at anytime. Once you do it, the purchase is registered and then, we prepare it for you to receive it as soon as possible.


The orders are sent to the address you provide us. This is useful whatever it is for personal use or if you think to give it as a present. The good thing is that you do not have to carry them all the way home.

Usage information

An advantage of buying Olive Oil online is that you can find the additional information and description easily so you have more knowledge about the product. You could know if the Olive Oil you are interested in is fruity or mild or if it is better to use it with fish, vegetables or even desserts. Do you know how to taste Olive Oil?

If you take a look at our blog, you can find some recipes made by our team to help you cook your meals with Olive Oil.

You can find the usage and additional information at our product pages in each one of our varieties.


Ingredients for an asparagus Spanish omelette

Best price

We do not work with intermediaries what allow us to set the best price. Additionally, you can enjoy free shipping on a minimum purchase. If you follow us on Social Media you can find discounts and different events.

References and Opinions

We have some testimonies and opinions on our website to help you choose the best product that satisfy your needs. You could read press articles and comments of other websites there too.

Freshness Guarantee

If you are decided to buy Olive Oil online, you should do it directly from a producer website. In that way, you could get a well-preserved product with all the organoleptic properties intact. The products are stored inside a warehouse with optimal temperature waiting to be bottled.

Direct contact with the producer

You can contact us directly through the website, via e-mail or telephone, to ask for more information, suggestions or any doubt you have.


visiting the olive trees



For a small company like ours, to sell our products at physical stores all across the world is a very difficult task. That is why we offer you a different way to buy and enjoy them at home.


Searching through the Internet, you can easily find different varieties of Olive Oil, from different categories and at different prices. That is a great advantage of buying online because you can compare products and finally buy the best option for you.

And you, have you ever bought anything online? Have you decided to do it for the very first time? If it is so, you can have a look at our website and choose one of our products!

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