5 reasons to give extra virgin olive oil as a present

Although olive oil is a product that we use every day, it is not something that we usually use as a gift. However, giving extra virgin olive oil as a gift may be the best option if you take these aspects into account:

1. Surprising

Try to surprise with a Premium Extra Virgin Oil, no doubt it will be a different gift. Normally the Premium category, in addition to having an exceptional taste without comparison to a cooking oil, has a beautiful image, a nice bottle with very good presentation. It will surprise both by the originality of the gift and by proving that it is much tastier than an olive oil for cooking.

regalos bodas

2. Durable

It is very common to give wine as a birthday present, business gift or when visiting a home, it is usually consumed in a single meal or dinner, while olive oil lasts much longer, so the person honored will remember you much longer.

3. Elegant

It transmits tradition, but at the same time, if it is elaborated taking care of all the details to obtain an oil with varied aromatic characteristics and it is packaged with a positive image, it transmits modernity, luxury, quality, attention to detail… Exclusivity.

4. Traditional / Gourmet Product

Great Taste Awards

Olive oil is a traditional product, the basis of our Mediterranean diet. Giving extra virgin olive oil is also giving tradition, culture, a local product

5. Suitable for anyone

When we are not completely clear about the tastes of the person to whom we are going to be giving the gift, it is very useful to give a food product that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Olive oil can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, allergies or food preferences (vegetarians, vegans, people who cannot drink alcohol …).


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