The olive oil bottle: The best container to preserve it


There is no doubt that olive oil is a delicacy. Therefore it would be a pity to lose its qualities by not keeping it in a good place or not using the right packaging. For this reason, at AOVE Águra we take care of every detail so that you can enjoy our oil. Our packaging par excellence is the olive oil bottle and we will tell you why.

Why is the container so important to preserve the oil?

Olive oil must be protected from external factors. As time passes and exposure to these factors increases, the product begins to lose its properties and even increase its oxidation or rancidification process.

The elements that most influence this phenomenon on the oil are:

  • Therefore it is advisable to keep it in opaque containers and if this is not the case keep them in dark places.
  • It is necessary to avoid that the olive oil is in contact with the air the minimum time possible.
  • Any container with olive oil must remain outside of any heat source. For example, we should not keep it near the kitchen fire, or sun.
  • It should not touch any type of metal as it would increase the oxidation of the olive oil. This is because, for example, iron and copper act as catalysts.

The glass of the olive oil bottle protects the oil from these four elements. Use a dark glass bottle with a hermetic seal that does not contain any metal to avoid contact with air and place it in a cool place. We will preserve our olive oil perfectly!

What types of oil containers can we find on the market?

If we go to any supermarket in the oils section we can find glass bottles, oil cans and plastic bottles.

Plastic containers.

They are usually the containers where you can find the cheapest oil. But this package is the one that needs more care for the correct preservation of the oil. This package is the least protective against light and air. It is necessary to make sure that the light does not hit the plastic bottles directly, for example, by storing it in cardboard boxes. It should also be ensured that they are kept in a cool place.

Furthermore, this type of packaging is not eco-friendly.

Tin containers.

Its biggest drawback is that the consumer cannot see the colour of the oil. Although the quality of the olive oil is not always associated with the colour, it is normal for the consumer to want to see it. On the other hand, another disadvantage we find is that this type of packaging is usually used for large quantities of oil. Therefore, unless a lot of oil is consumed, time can cause it to lose its essence.

Glass containers.

A dark glass allows us to protect the olive oil from any exposure to light. In addition, the glass preserves all the properties of the product and can be recycled as many times as necessary. In this way we contribute in a very positive way to our environment. Glass allows us to use different container sizes.

What types of packaging can you find at AOVE Águra?

Aceite de oliva virgen extra de olivos centenarioAOVE Premium Águra Centenary olive trees.

It is an Gourmet extra virgin olive oil that is elaborated with olives of centenary olive trees. The olive trees are over 200 years old. This oil is perfect for seafood, rice, vegetables and desserts.  You can find it in a 250ml or 500ml olive oil bottle.

aceite de oliva virgen extra picual

AOVE Premium Águra Picual.

It is made from our youngest olive trees. This oil starts out sweet and then turns into a medium bitter balanced with the spiciness. It is the best choice for use with meats, bluefish, vegetables and old cheeses. Get it in our 250ml or 500ml olive oil bottle.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra pack coupage

AOVE Premium Águra Coupage.

This oil is a mixture of the varieties Picual and Hojiblanca and thus we get a green virgin olive oil of medium intensity very aromatic and with a wide range of nuances. It is very balanced on the palate. Ideal for salads, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, yogurt, fruit and chocolate.  You can buy this oil in our 250ml and 500ml containers.

Caja regalo gourmet

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PICUAL.

You can find it in our 100ml or 500ml container. Its taste and smell reminds us of green apples, nuts and spices. It is a very balanced oil in the mouth but with complex nuances.

Folio Águra_COUPAGE

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ÁGURA COUPAGE.

A medium-intense fruity virgin olive oil with some ripe notes. In the mouth it reminds us of the olive leaf with a light green almond after taste. This oil is available in bottles of 100 or 500 ml.

Buy a bottle of olive oil: AOVE ÁGURA.

We are a traditional family of farmers and great lovers of nature. This is transmitted in our extra virgin olive oils. Because we take care of our olive trees as well as the details to be able to offer a quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our family tradition means that we can divide our oils into three generations. Do you want to try the difference between olive oils of different ages? Buy our bottles of virgin olive oil: AOVE ÁGURA.

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