Olive oil tasting experience

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Live a different gastronomic experience

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Learn to enjoy and get the most out of extra virgin olive oils with the Olive Oil Tasting Pack.

Live a different gastronomic experience from home, learning about one of the star products of our gastronomy.

What is the olive oil tasting pack like?

We have prepared this “Tasting Pack” so you can share it with whoever you want, there will be several glasses to taste the oils and tasting cards for 4 people.

What is included in the Olive Oil Tasting Pack?

  • Three different varieties of Premium extra virgin olive oil (250ml)
  • 6 small bowls for tasting olive oil
  • Instructions on “How to taste olive oil”.
  • Olive oil tasting sheets to be filled with each oil for 4 people.

How the online tasting experience unfolds

The pack includes material for several people, so you can do the tasting from home in the company of whoever you want.

Before starting the tasting you will have to read the instructions of “How to do an olive oil tasting” and prepare the different bowls in which you will pour the three different olive oils included in the pack.

Once everything is ready, you can start the “ritual” of tasting the oils, one by one, filling in the tasting sheets, which will serve as a guide to detect the different aromas of the oils and to compare them after the tasting.

Official oil tasting glass

If you want to complete your oil tasting experience you can buy the official olive oil tasting glass, although it is not necessary, the bowls included in the pack are enough for the workshop.

Why do this olive oil tasting workshop?

Olive oil is part of our culture, our environment and the basis of the Mediterranean diet, we want you to learn to distinguish the different types that exist and know curious aspects that you will find interesting.

You will taste three different Premium extra virgin olive oils, each made from different varieties of olives and with different levels of ripeness at the time of harvesting.



Additional information


Pack of 3 Olive oil tasting at home, Official olive oil tasting glass + Tasting Instructions


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