Gift box with 1 bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Gift box with a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This case contains a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium to choose from one of the varieties of AOVE ÁGURA.

To savor without haste, delighting in every bite. 

With this bottle of extra virgin olive oil you can enjoy your breakfasts or accompany your dishes for more than a month.

Although its best before date is two years, so if you want it for special moments, it can last a very long time!

Production of Águra extra virgin olive oils:

We elaborate Extra Virgin Olive Oils to enjoy, oils in which different flavors and aromas are appreciated, that surprise for their intense and green taste.

We want to vindicate the importance of doing things with love, without haste, giving them the time they need, taking care of every detail to obtain the best fruits from the land.

That is why we elaborate our oils with the following premises:

  • Águra extra virgin olive oils are produced from our own olive trees, which are belong to our family for several generations.
  • Early Harvesting: We start the harvesting campaign in October, when the olives are green or in veraison.
  • We harvest the olives the same day we make the oil.
  • Cold extraction: We make sure that the olives are in perfect condition before grinding: healthy, clean and free of bruises.

An extra virgin olive oil for every moment

Para intense moments that you want great emotions: Picual Águra is a high intensity, green and spicy oil, ideal to start the day with energy.

For relaxed moments with which enjoy a unique and special moment, to savor every bite with fresh aromas of the countryside, you have the oil of Olivos Centenarios.

And Coupage oil is aextra virgin olive oil for everyday use, to enhance the flavor of any recipe and enjoy both a sliced tomato and a baked meat./span>

Tasting notes and pairing of Águra EVOOs

  • Premium Picual oil: an intense, spicy and full-flavored oil because we pick the olives when they are still green to obtain the fruity aromas. Ideal for toast, cheese, meat and blue fish.
  • Olivos Centenarios oil:elaborated with olive trees more than 200 years old. It is a soft, delicate and very aromatic oil, made from four varieties of olives: hojiblanca, ocal, lechín and manzanilla, which makes it taste different from any other oil. For toast, for pairing with vegetables and for desserts.
  • Premium Coupage oil: an oil made from hojiblanca and picual olives, which makes it a medium intensity oil, aromatic and versatile for all kinds of dishes. Ideal to give that final touch to salads, vegetables, meats, fish, dairy products or chocolate.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jam: made with our own oil, it surprises with its silky texture and the mixture of the spiciness of the oil with the sweetness of the jam. Perfect to take alone with bread or to accompany cheeses, foie, salads, desserts…

History of oils

AOVE Águra is a family that has been cultivating our olive trees for four generations and since 2012 we decided to produce our own extra virgin olive oil, with the idea of making a unique oil, different, with which to enjoy in every meal, raw (if the oil is heated, the fresh aromas are lost).

We want you to enhance your dishes with these three extra virgin olive oils, each with different aromas, flavors and intensities.


Add a message to your gourmet gift

If you want to include a thank you note or a dedication in the gift, indicate it when you make the purchase in the “observations” section and we will include the message you tell us along with the gift.

Surprise with a gift that you can enjoy every day without having to get dizzy going from one place to another looking for different alternatives and wasting time going to the post office to send it. We take care of everything, just tell us where you want to send it, and we will deliver it to the address you tell us.

Handcrafted wooden case

The wooden box is made by a carpenter who makes them expressly for Águra, custom-made, with a practical handle for easy carrying and a removable inner divider.

The presentation is very neat and elegant to please both when receiving the gift and when taking the oils.

Inside the case we include a small description of each variety of extra virgin olive oil, its history and several of the awards that these oils have received.

Shipments throughout Europe

We ship all over Europe, if you want to give a gift to a person you can not visit, we send it to the address you specify.

When placing your order you can write to us ( and we will assist you directly to solve your doubts and help you in everything related to your order.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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