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Strong black box with two bottles of extra virgin olive oil for girt that contains:

  • Two varieties TO CHOOSE from Águra extra virgin olive oil in 500ml bottles.
  • Information on hte history of the origin of the oils.
  • International awards held by the extra virgin olive oil Águra.

Characteristics of Águra olive oil:

  • Águra extra virgin olive oils are obtained from our family farm
  • They are first cold extraction oils.
  • We collect the olives a few hours before grinding.
  • Collected at the beginning of November, when the olive is green or in veraison.
  • Its quality is guaranteed by several INTERNATIONAL AWARDS.


aceite de oliva virgen extra premium



This variety of oil has a great personality and singular shades. It is extracted from the centenary olive trees inherited from our ancestors.

Our centenary olive trees are kept in a traditional agricultural way with a separation between olive trees of about 10-12m. This aspect allows them to grow in a natural way without constraint.

EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees has a sweet taste and very fragrant. It has a reminiscent of green-ripe olives with a spicy aftertaste.

How can I use EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees for cooking? Our EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees is the best oil for cooking meat, shellfish, rice, and vegetables.


The olives used in EVOO Picual are collected when green or ripening. That is the time when both physical and chemical properties are in their optimum condition.

We are also very careful not to damage the olive, and that’s the reason why the oil is extracted in a cold environment on the day of harvesting. This gives the EVOO Picual a fresh aroma and makes it a healthy fruity oil.

How can I use Picual Olive Oil for cooking? In AOVE Águra we recommend you EVOO Picual for toasts, salads, vegetables, bluefish and old cheeses. In this way, you can enjoy of the best olive oil for cooking these plates with an intense Olive Oil flavor in your favorite plates.



Our olive oil is obtained exclusively from the family olive grove located in Humilladero’s region, Málaga. It has a very stable and mild climate throughout the year what make it perfect for our olive trees to grow healthy. We rigorously track the entire production process of the oil to control all desired aspects to ensure a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The method of extraction we use for Premium EVOO is cold extraction taking place on the same day of harvesting. All the olives are processed within the next few hours obtained an Olive Oil with 0.09 of acidity which makes it suitable to be preserved in a cool, and low light environment.

How can I use Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking? This Premium EVOO is especially suitable for salads, vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses, yogurt, fruits and chocolate due to its particular spicy flavor

Additional information

Weight 2500 g
Prepared by

We are a family company that produces our own extra virgin olive oil, taking care of the whole process from the care of the olive trees to the production and packaging.

We want you to enjoy the best of gastronomy, that's why we take care of every step in the elaboration of our extra virgin olive oils.

We pick the olives when they are green because that is when all the aromas of the fruit are obtained, so we have very fruity olive oils, with notes of freshly cut grass, tomato or banana (depending on the variety you choose).

We are advocates of the Mediterranean Diet and its lifestyle, which is based on enjoying life, the outdoors, good food and sharing our best moments with family and friends.

Our oils are characterized by being intense and very fruity.

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