Variety: Picual


Our third grove is the most recent and was planted by our parents roughly 20 years ago – the third generation of trees, the youngest, strongest, most vibrant, and most intense, just like our AOVE Picual.

The first harvest of these trees was collected by hand by us, the five siblings, and our parents. The trees were still small and, despite the fact that we weren’tthat big either (the eldest was 20, the youngest 8), we collected all the fruit in one day – a day we remember with great nostalgia, though it’s a shame we didn’t think of bringing a camera.



The olives are collected when green or ripening. That is the time when both physical and chemical properties are in their optimum condition.

We are also careful that the olives are not damaged, and the oil is extracted in a cold environment  on the day of collection, for a fresh, healthy fruity oil



It has  the intensity of fruity of green olive,  with herbs, olive leaves and tomato. The smell is reminiscent of herbaceous aromas, fig trees and green fruits, such as apples.

It tastes of olive leaf with a smooth finish, with green almonds and with slight astringency. 

Specially suitable for: Toasts, salads, vegetables, blue fish and old cheeses.


envasando picual

We rigorously track the entire production process of the oil as to control all desired aspects to ensure a high quality extra virgin olive oil.