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Premium Olive Oil

AOVE Águra, the Premium Olive Oils that have received several awards

The AOVE Águra Olive Oil comes from a family harvesting the best olives and taking care of the entire process of collection and milling the olives. From the beginning, the Aguilar Segura family has focused on a quality product to elaborate their olive oil. That quality is the reason why they had received numerous awards from countries such as Germany, Italy or Israel.

How to elaborate a Premium Olive Oil?

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Why Olive Oil is good for you

10 reasons why Olive Oil is good for you

The Mediterranean Sea area is one of the locations more fertile of the world. That’s one of the reasons why Olive Oil produced in this area is of the best quality and it has many benefits for your health. Today, we are talking about 10 reasons why you should choose it. Don’t miss it!

First of all, Olive Oil we consume in our everyday life should be one of the best quality, for that, we have to search for the label ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’.

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What is the difference between Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

You have had the same question more than once where you were doing a recipe because most of them simply call for Olive Oil. However, when you go to the grocery store you would see a shelf full with different options. From Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the regular one. But, are they really different? Which one should you choose? What is the difference between Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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Are you aware of how fats affect your organism?

An important nutrient

While excess fat is detrimental to our health, a certain amount is required in order for the organism to function correctly. Fats are used as a structural element in cells and, as a result, are essential for cell growth and regeneration.

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Benefits of Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

The heart’s best friend:

Seventy-five percent of Virgin Olive Oil is composed of oleic acid, a substance that both helps prevent and treats cardio-vascular diseases. Its potential for reducing both cholesterol and blood pressure is beyond doubt. In other words it reduces the risk of suffering a thrombosis or heart attack. Today we are talking about the health benefits of Olive Oil.

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benefits of olive oil

Some recommendations for reducing hypertension

Today we are talking about the benefits of Olive Oil. Incorporate this product into our diets is a very good habit to have a healthy life. It has several benefitial aspects to have in mind. This is a product that, according to the Predimed study, notably reduces the arterial pressure of those who consume it on a regular basis.

Other beneficial products include are fish, chicken, turkey, fruits and vegetables. In general, they are those products that are rich in potassium, such as potatoes, tomatoes, leeks, asparagus and dates. Where fruits are concerned, banana and melon are the most highly recommended.

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10 reasons to buy Olive Oil online

10 good reasons to buy Olive Oil online

The Internet allows us to go to so many different places that we would not have known in any other way. This is the main reason why buy Olive Oil online is the best choice we have nowadays. However, we would tell you a few more:

Know the origin

It is difficult to choose between one bottle of olive oil or another at a physical store since you do not have so much information about it. Just a few times, we could find information about the origin of the Olive Oil, besides the design of the bottle.

From where is it, how is it elaborated, which variety of olives have been used, who is behind the product… Such as our EVOO from centenary Olive Oil. Continue reading “10 good reasons to buy Olive Oil online”

olivenol fur die haarpflege

Olive Oil for hair care

Did you know that olive oil is used for hair care? In this post we explain how to use our Premium Olive Oil to care for hair. We are in the middle of May and, as you know, the sun is shining very hard these days…

Besides our skin, our hair also suffers the consequences of solar rays. Today, we would like to share a homemade remedy with you to solve this problem. To apply Olive Oil in your hair is a really useful remedy to maintain your hair hydratated and strengthen its structure.

Olive Oil is rich in tocopherol and essential minerals for the cells, components with regenerating and moisturizing properties. They provide with necessary nutrients for your hair to recover its vitality.

We always say that AOVE is essential in our kitchens, but we also have to make room for it in our bathroom.

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