Some recommendations for reducing hypertension

benefits of olive oil

Today we are talking about the benefits of Olive Oil. Incorporate this product into our diets is a very good habit to have a healthy life. It has several benefitial aspects to have in mind. This is a product that, according to the Predimed study, notably reduces the arterial pressure of those who consume it on a regular basis.

Other beneficial products include are fish, chicken, turkey, fruits and vegetables. In general, they are those products that are rich in potassium, such as potatoes, tomatoes, leeks, asparagus and dates. Where fruits are concerned, banana and melon are the most highly recommended.

Dark chocolate and skimmed dairy products are also good for the blood pressure.


There are two very simple things that could help us to reduce hypertension: one is to walk a little every day, and the other is to LAUGH! In addition to making us feel better, laughter increases blood flow, balances blood pressure and reduces stress levels. Thereby improving many aspects of our lives.
I hope these recommendations were helpful for you… And remember, from now on there has never been a better reason to… SMILE EVERY DAY!

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