Integrated production


Integrated production

Our production system comes under the framework of what is known as Integrated Production – an agricultural production system that employs practises that are compatible with protection and improvement of the environment, natural resources and genetic diversity and conservation of the soil and the landscape.

The Organisation Internationale de Lutte Biologique et Intégrée (OILB) defines Integrated Production as an agricultural system for food production that maximises the use of natural resources and regulation mechanisms and, in the long term, ensures viable, sustainable agriculture – a system in which biological methods, cultivation techniques and chemical processes are carefully selected in order to offer a balance between the environment, profitability and social requirements.

This concept is particularly important in the fruit, vegetable and olive oil sector in Spain, as products cultivated under this system respond to the demands of a consumer with increasingly greater commitment to the environment and more demanding in terms of food quality and safety. In addition to ensuring the internal and external product quality that our society increasingly demands, this production method results in a reduction in the use of pesticides and other chemical substances as well as improved administration of the associated labour tasks by seeking the optimal moment to carry them out.


Integrated Agriculture

Our production is within the frame which is known as Integrated Agriculture; a rural production system with compatible practices for the protection and improvement of the environment, natural resources, genetic diversity and the conservation of the land and the landscape.

The International Organisation for Biological Control (IOBC) defines the integrated production as

“An agricultural food production system which uses to the utmost the resources and mechanisms of natural and safe regulation, in the long term and with a viable and sustainable agriculture. The biological methods, the farming techniques and the chemical processes are chosen with care, searching for a balance between the environment, the profitability and the social demands”.

They have a special importance in Spain in the food, vegetable and olive grove sector. The products grown under this system, satisfy the consumers’ demands, which is more and more committed to the environment and more demanding with the food quality and the safety. Apart from guaranteeing an internal and external quality of the product, which is becoming more and more demanded by consumers, this type of production offers a reduction of pesticides and other chemical substances, and thus a better handling of different work and the adequate moment to do them.

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