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Personalised Premium Tasting Case

As the name suggests, this box is designed for sampling and savouring three varieties of extra virgin olive oil and an olive oil jam that even the most discerning foodies will love.

Made for savouring every mouthful. 

This pack contains two 500 ml bottles. Used every day at breakfast and sometimes for lunch and dinner, these bottles will last for a couple of months. The best before date is two years, so if you want to save it for special occasions it can last you even longer!

This gift set contains:

  • 2 x 500 ml bottles of premium extra virgin olive oil (two varieties)
  • Extra virgin olive oil jam an absolute delight for foodies. Surprising and original, the olive oil jam adds a special touch to this gift.
  • Leaflet containing information about the three varieties of oil as well as pairing advice.


Our cases are designed with two things in mind: to enable your recipient to enjoy the intensity of an early harvest oil and to be a keepsake from you that they can cherish forever.

Boxes can be personalised to make it a wonderful souvenir of a special day, to remind your recipient of you or your company, to send a message of hope, or to connect with someone you love.

To make sure your recipient feels special, knowing that their gift is tailor-made. You want them to know where their gift comes from and that it isn’t just a typical product that you can get anywhere.

A gift to enjoy

At Águra EVOO, we make Premium extra virgin olive oils, intense and aromatic.

That’s why this pack is ideal for those who love good food – give them the gift of a relaxing breakfast with an extra virgin olive oil that will transport them straight to the countryside.

Your recipient will be able to enjoy their morning toast with the green intensity of our Picual olive oil; savour a flavoursome cured cheese enhanced with Olivos Centenarios oil; or add punch to a salad with Coupage blend oil.

A tailor-made present

Presented in a wooden box that you can have personalised with your chosen phrase or logo, this makes a wonderful souvenir to mark a special day, an outstanding year, or an important moment for you and the person you want to treat.

You want to make sure your recipient feels special, knowing that their gift is tailor-made. You want them to know where their gift comes from and that it isn’t just a typical product that you can get anywhere.

It’s the perfect gesture:

  • as a company gift to thank employees and clients for the trust they place in your company.
  • during special moments to celebrate and share with godmothers and godfathers, teachers, friends…

A personalised present to use again and again 

When we were researching gift boxes, we looked at everything from bags to cardboard boxes. This personalised wooden case has allowed us to achieve two things that we’re delighted about:

  1. You can reuse it to store your objects, tools, office supplies, etc.
  2. Its inscription and durable wooden material make it a wonderful keepsake.

Characteristics of Águra extra virgin olive oils

With three varieties of PREMIUM Extra Virgin Olive Oils made using olives from our own trees, one of these varieties is exclusive to the ‘Olivos Centenarios’ (centenary olive trees) that our grandmother María planted.

All Águra oils are limited production due to the small size of our estate. We take great care during the production process to obtain intense, aromatic oils.

Our three varieties of Premium oil are:

  • Olivos Centenarios Oil (oil from centenary olive trees). Mild, delicate, highly aromatic. Ideal for creamed vegetables as well as desserts.
  • Premium Picual Oil. Intense, spicy, packs plenty of flavour. Perfect for toasted bread, cheese, meat and oily fish.
  • Premium Coupage Oil. Medium intensity, highly aromatic and complex. Ideal for all kinds of dishes, salads, vegetables, meat and fish, as well as yoghurt and chocolate.

Awards for Águra extra virgin olive oil 

A personalised gift is always gratefully received, but when you can also enjoy the contents any time you prepare a dish or enjoy a relaxed Sunday breakfast, then so much the better.

Our oils have been awarded the following accolades thanks to their flavour:

Don’t let time catch you out

The delivery time for personalised cases depends on the quantity ordered. For orders of less than 50 units the delivery time is two weeks; higher quantities require one month for delivery.

On special days, it’s imperative that the person receive their gift on time. That’s why we always recommend ordering in advance, particularly if you’d like to place a large order or your request is for a popular and key date such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. 

If you need an urgent delivery or a shorter time frame, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll check to see if we can accommodate your request depending on our workload at that time.

Let us answer all your questions

What can be customised in this product?

We can personalise the wooden box; the bottle is as seen in the images (no personalisation).

What size is the logo or phrase printed on the lid?

For orders of over 100 units, you can request any size and shape you wish.

For orders of less than 100 units, the print size is 1 cm tall and 15 cm across. This is suitable for any horizontal phrase or logo; square logos need to be adjusted in order to look presentable. 

Please send your enquiries to and we will advise you on the best option for you.

I only need one personalised case – is that possible?

Yes, certainly. We offer personalisation services from a minimum of one unit, applying your selected phrase to ensure your recipient feels special.

We can also ship the gift straight to your recipient with a personalised note; we’ll take care of everything.

If I place an order for more than one case, are you able to personalise each one with a different phrase?

In principle, yes. However, we do prefer to talk to you to about your ideas and see what we can do. We’d be delighted to hear from you via email at  

Where do you ship?

We ship our oils anywhere in Spain, as well as throughout the European Union.

If you are located elsewhere or have any questions about shipping, please write to us and we will see what we can do.

Additional information

Weight 2800 g
Prepared by

We are a family company that produces our own extra virgin olive oil, taking care of the whole process from the care of the olive trees to the production and packaging.

We want you to enjoy the best of gastronomy, that's why we take care of every step in the elaboration of our extra virgin olive oils.

We pick the olives when they are green because that is when all the aromas of the fruit are obtained, so we have very fruity olive oils, with notes of freshly cut grass, tomato or banana (depending on the variety you choose).

We are advocates of the Mediterranean Diet and its lifestyle, which is based on enjoying life, the outdoors, good food and sharing our best moments with family and friends.

Our oils are characterized by being intense and very fruity.

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2 bottles of 500ml + 1 Marmalade, 2 bottles of 500ml + 2 Marmelade


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