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This variety of oil has a great personality and singular shades. It is extracted from the centenary olive trees inherited from our ancestors.

Our centenary olive trees are kept in a traditional agricultural way with a separation between olive trees of about 10-12m. This aspect allows them to grow in a natural way without constraint.

The method of extraction we use for EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees is cold extraction on the same day of collection (olives are processed within the next few hours). This kind of EVOO has an acidity of 0.13 which makes it suitable to be stored in a cool, low light environment.

If you want to buy this EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees you can find it at our online store in three different formats (500ml and 250ml). In this way, you can choose the best for you.

Tasting notes

EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees has a sweet taste and very fragrant. It has a reminiscent of green-ripe olives with a spicy aftertaste.

It also has a smooth taste and recalls olfactory perceptions and complexity. Its aroma has a great diversity of vegetables and herbaceous aromas, especially tomato, green apple, and banana. In the mouth, it reminds of almonds and olive leaf.

How can I use EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees for cooking? Our EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees is the best oil for cooking meat, shellfish, rice, and vegetables.


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Our EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees has been awarded several times in International Awards in countries such as Germany and Israel. It was such an honor for us to have this recognition of all our work in the field:

Der Feinshmeiker  (Germany)

Gold Medal in Terraolivo (Israel)

Der Feinshmeiker  (Germany)

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Olive varieties

This oil has a great peculiarity since it is a field blend with rare olive varieties (Hojiblanca, Lechín, Ocal and Manzanila), obtaining an extra virgin olive oil different from any other.

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The olives are harvested at the beginning of November, when the olives are green or in veraison, which is when they have the best nutritional properties and all their aromas are preserved intact.
The olives are harvested a few hours before crushing. Olivos Centenarios oil is first cold extraction.


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