Customized Tasting Pack


Simple and elegant design customizable with the phrase of your choice


Personalized Tasting Case

As its name suggests, this box is designed for taste and savor three different varieties of oil and one olive oil jam that will be the delight of the sweet tooth.

It is presented in a wooden box that you can customize with the phrase or logo of your choice, to serve as a reminder of a special day, a different year, an important moment for you and the person who receives it.

It is a perfect gift for for:

  • Thank employees and customers for their trust in your company.
  • Celebrate important dates such as a First Communion, a Baptism, Father’s or Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries.

A personalized gift

To make the recipient feel special, knowing that it is a gift tailor-made for you. So that you will always know where the gift comes from and that is not a standard product that can be purchased in any store.

A gift to enjoy

The person who receives it will be able to savor every morning a toast with the green intensity of Picual oil, enjoy a cured cheese flavored with Olivos Centenarios oil, add flavor to a salad with Coupage oil or be surprised with the sweetness of the olive oil jam spread on a toast with anchovies…

You will be able to try new combinations every day with each variety of oils of different intensity and aromas.

A gift to reuse and remember

The box has a handle to carry it comfortably and a separator inside that you can remove to easily reuse the box as a sewing kit, first aid kit, jewelry box, storage of belts, ties … and serve as a souvenir.

If you click on the image you can see the Video of how to reuse the tasting case.

What is included in each gift box?

This personalized gift box is made by Juan, a carpenter from a small town in Cordoba who makes them to measure expressly for Águra oils.

We customize each box ourselves, so the minimum order is one unit. From 100 units upwards, it is also Juan, our carpenter, who is in charge of silk-screening them with the same design for all of them.

Inside you will find a 100 ml bottle of each one of our oils and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil jam:

  • Olivos Centenarios oil: a soft, delicate and very aromatic oil, made from four varieties of olives: hojiblanca, ocal, lechín and manzanilla, which makes it taste different from any other oil. Ideal for vegetable creams and desserts.
  • Premium Coupage Oil: an oil made from hojiblanca and picual olives, which makes it a medium intensity oil, aromatic and versatile for all kinds of dishes. Ideal to give that final touch to salads, vegetables, meats, fish, dairy products or chocolate.
  • Premium Picual oil: an intense, spicy and full-flavored oil because we pick the olives when they are still green to obtain the fruity aromas. Ideal for toast, cheese, meat and blue fish.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jam: made with our own oil, it surprises with its silky texture and the mixture of the spiciness of the oil with the sweetness of the jam. Perfect to take alone with bread or to accompany cheeses, foie, salads, desserts…

Águra Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards

We are not the only ones to say that our olive oils are delicious. Proof of this are the prizes that have been awarded to them in prestigious awards whose judges are professional tasters.

aceite de oliva virgen extra premium

  • Der Feinshmeiker (Alemania)
  • Los Ángeles Competition (USA)
  • Medalla de Oro Terraolivo (Israel)
  • Der Feinshmeiker (Alemania)
  • FlosOlei (Italia)
  • Medalla de Oro Olive Japan
  • Dos Estrellas Great Taste (UK)

Don’t let time get the better of you

The delivery time of the customized cases is ten days.

Although if you need them for a special occasion we recommend ordering in good time to solve any unforeseen event that we might have.

If the order is more than 100 pcs the delivery time is 1 month and a half.

* In dates close to Christmas the order may be delayed.

Consult beforehand by phone 655648595 or by email

On special days it is important to have the gift on time, so we always recommend ordering them in advance, especially if there are many units or if it is for special dates such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. 

How to order

  1. Select the number of cases you want (they are customized from 1 unit and up).
  2. Fill in the data on the website and place your order. Write in “Observations” how you want to personalize the box.
  3. We will contact you to confirm the order and the text to engrave.
  4. We send you a test image so you can see how the box looks like.
  5. Once you give us your confirmation we start preparing your order.
  6. Within the agreed time we will send the bottles to the address indicated.

If you have any doubts before placing your order, you can contact us by phone at 655648595 or at and we solve it.


What is customized on this product?

In the case what we customize is the wooden box. For orders over 100 units we can also customize the bottle, please contact us to see if it is possible in your case.

What is the size of the logo or phrase printed on the cover?

For orders over 100 pieces you can put the size and shape you want.

For orders of less than 100 units, the printing size is 1 cm high and 15 cm long. It is very good for horizontal logos, square logos would have to be adapted to look good. Contact us for email or by phone 655 64 85 95  te we advise and counsel the best option for you.

I just need a customized case, is it possible?

Of course, we personalize from one unit with the phrase you want, so that person feels that he/she is special to you.

In addition, we can send directly to that person with a personalized note, we take care of everything.

If I order more than one case, can I put different phrases on the boxes?

En principio sí, preferimos hablar esto contigo para conocer tu propuesta y ver qué podemos hacer. Estaremos encantados de atenderte por teléfono 655648595 o por correo electrónico  

Can the case components be varied?

You can choose between bottles with white label or black label. The products are the same for both options, only the aesthetics of the bottle changes.

The case is designed so that the person or persons who receive it can taste different types of extra virgin olive oils, even make their own tastings at home and try them with different dishes.

Each person has particular tastes and after tasting all the oils they will be able to decide, with full knowledge of the facts, which one is their favorite. Extra virgin olive oil jam always surprises those who try it.

Si prefieres enviar un único aceite, tenemos la opción de la caja individual personalizada.

Where do you ship?

We ship our oils anywhere in Spain, as well as to countries in the European Union.

If you are in another location or have any questions about shipping, write us and we will see you


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