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Águra extra virgin olive oils are intense, aromatic and packed with flavour. Great for sharing and enjoying.

Premium Oil

This extra virgin olive oil has won several international awards. 

  • Der Feinshmeiker (Germany)
  • Los Angeles Competition (USA)
  • Terraolivo – gold medal (Israel)
  • Der Feinshmeiker (Germany)
  • Flos Olei (Italy)
  • Olive Japan – gold medal (Japan)
  • Great Taste – two stars (UK)

Description of Águra olive oil

We make Águra olive oil using the fruit from our family olive trees. We take good care of our trees all year through and pay special attention during harvesting to make sure we are able to obtain a highly aromatic, flavourful oil that enhances any dish.

  • Olive varieties: Hojiblanca and Picual.
  • Early harvesting.
  • Cold extraction.
  • Traditional plantation
  • Award-winner five years in a row.

We make this extra virgin olive oil with the aim of achieving a medium-high fruitiness that will heighten our enjoyment of any dish; we want a Premium oil that we can enjoy and savour at our leisure.

Tasting notes for Coupage olive oil

  • Medium fruity green, slightly bitter and spicy, medium intensity and persistence.
  • Well balanced; good complexity of flavours.
  • Notes of green apple, dried fruit and spices.


This olive oil pairs excellently with all kinds of dishes: salads, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, yoghurt, fruit and chocolate.

Additional information

Dimensions Bottle measures: 9 cm tall and 6.2 cm in diameter
Bottle capacity: 100 ml.
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Weight 200 g

100 ml.