AOVE Águra, the Premium Olive Oils that have received several awards

Premium Olive Oil

The AOVE Águra Olive Oil comes from a family harvesting the best olives and taking care of the entire process of collection and milling the olives. From the beginning, the Aguilar Segura family has focused on a quality product to elaborate their olive oil. That quality is the reason why they had received numerous awards from countries such as Germany, Italy or Israel.

How to elaborate a Premium Olive Oil?

The farming

The Olive trees from which the AOVE Águra oil is from are located in Málaga, more specifically, at Humilladero’s region. This is an area where the olives are collected in the middle of November when the optimum time comes due to the fact that the olives preserve their natural scents and all their nutritive properties in this time of the year.

The harvest

In Águra we harvest the olives with special care to them not to suffer unnecessarily. Then, we extract the oil with a cold-pressed process (under 27ºC) to preserve the scents and get the best flavor. In this way, we obtain a Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil that remembers to aromatic plants and recently cut grass what many say is the best spanish olive oil.

After this work, we filter the oil to eliminate the rest of the pulp and then bottle it in painted glass bottles to protect it from light. The biggest difference between this EVOO and the rest of them is mainly based on the care and cleanness in the harvest process and the cold-pressed. From the best olive is obtained the best oil.

Premium Olive Oil

In AOVE Águra we elaborate three different olive oils with different peculiarities that make them unique in the market:

  • EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees: This Olive Oil is extracted from centenary trees, the ones that our family inherits from our ancestors. This EVOO is a blend of Hojiblanca, Lechin, Ocal and Manzanilla what makes it suitable for shellfish, rice and meat or vegetable.
  • Coupage Premium Agura EVOO: A blend of Picual and Hojiblanca this is a dense olive oil. With a pale green color, it is identifiable through the smooth bitterness and mildly spicy. The Coupage Premium Agura EVOO is perfect for your salads, vegetables, fish and meats.
  • Picual Premium Agura EVOO: This Olive Oil is obtained from the third generation of trees. The strongest and youngest trees make Picual Olive Oil the most vibrant and intense Olive Oil we have. It is perfect for toasts, salads, cheese and vegetables.

All of our Premium Olive Oils have been awarded several times from international contests - Germany (Der Feinsmecker), Italy (Flos Olei) or Israel (Terraolivo)-. In these awards the jury values the flavor as well as the scents, considering Águra oils worthy of these recognitions.

premios aove

Now that you know about our range of Premium Olive Oils we recommend you to try them all and verify for yourself their different flavors and scents. For that, you can take a look at our online store to buy spanish olive oil online with our bottles of 250/500ml. Remember that you can always contact us through our e-mail or calling to (+34) 954 09 14 64.


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