Picual Olive Oil: Origin, features and uses

Do you know that not every Olive Oil is the same? Their scent and flavor largely depend on the variety of the olive that it is used for its elaboration.

The Picual variety is one of the most grown one in the world. In our country, 50% of the olive plantations are Picual variety. The crop of this kind of olive meets more than 600.000 hectares in Spain. Particularly, Andalusia is the region that produces more olive oil of this variety. You could find it in areas such as Jaén, Córdoba, Granada, Málaga, Ciudad Real and Badajoz.

In AOVE ÁGURA we obtain the Picual Olive Oil from the youngest olive trees. The ones that our parents grew when we were little. When we make the oil with the olive of this early harvest, we obtain oil with herbal scents as olive leaf, grass, tomato and fig tree.

Picual Olive Oil and its olives

This kind of olives are medium size and, when they have matured, their color turns to a darker one with oval form. Picual Olive Oil has a green color, one of their more characteristics feature in addition to their bitter and strong flavor. If it is a young oil, its itching is pretty remarkable aspect you can notice participating in a taste of Olive Oil. Thanks to this characteristic, a small amount of this oil in a plate point its presence out.

It is the oil with more quantity of antioxidants. That is the main reason why it lasts for a long time and takes more time to rust than every other oil. If you keep it aside from light and inside a covered container, the Picual Olive Oil would last up to two years.

aceite de oliva Picual

Nutritional characteristics

The benefits of olive oil for our health are higher when this is of the best quality on its elaboration process.

As the experts all over the world say, it is a representation of a source of longevity and well being that certify their benefits to live longer and in the best way. Picual Olive Oil is the most cardiovascular one due to its high concentration of oleic acid (monounsaturated). This is one of the responsible for the reduction of ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) and the increase of ‘well’ cholesterol (HDL). These kinds of oils are recommended to people who have a higher level of cholesterol. Also, its higher level of polyphenols, help to reduce the oxidation of fats inside the blood.

For what could you use Picual Olive Oil?

Mainly, this kind of olive oil is recommended to fry food due to the fact that work really well with high temperatures. Also, we could use it for:

-    Fried foods, breaded foods and any kind of food that is used to high temperatures.

-    To dress salads, tomatoes, etc. You can add Picual Olive Oil to flavor some vegetables.

-    For our breakfast in the morning.

-    For long stews.

-    As a preservative for raw sausage, meat, cheese.

We recommend you to not use this kind of olive oil with soft flavors plates, like fish, dessert, etc.

Without any doubt, Picual Olive Oil is one of the most healthy varieties and the top Virgin Extra Olive Oil. We invite you to try it! If you are interested in buying spanish olive oil do not hesitate to visit our online store.

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