Do you know where to buy Spanish Olive Oil online?

Spain is the largest producer of Olive Oil in the whole world and our exportations have been increasing year by year. Our liquid gold, as Spanish called it, is produced in nearly every region in Spain but it is in the south of Spain where it has the main production. The region of Andalusia produces around 60% of Spain’s total output. In this part of the country, you can see olive trees covering the landscape if you travel by plane or by car through their roads. A breathtaking picture.

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a must in the house of everyone that follows the Mediterranean diet. Do you want to know some history about Olive Oil? Thousands of years ago, Mediterranean people consumed Olive Oil in their daily basis, together with bread and wine. What makes this liquid gold one of the three very basics food at that time.

Nowadays the consumption of Olive Oil continues to rise, not just in Spain where is very established, but in the rest of the world. In foreign countries this product is more known thanks to the labor of the companies that invest in communications and really great distribution. And of course, for the great benefits olives have.


How many types of Extra Virgin Olive Oils are?

Just Spain cultivates hundreds of varieties of olives. However, the major varieties include Picual, Hojiblanca, Cornicabra, and Arbequina. Nowadays, some producers have begun to focus on smaller varieties such as the Royal olive and Royal Changolt varieties. The Picual variety is the most predominant one in Spain. The second most produced variety is Hojiblanca, followed by Arbequina and Cornicabra.

Where to buy Spanish Olive Oil?

At AOVE Águra you can buy Spanish Olive Oil, but not the regular one, we are talking about the Premium Olive Oil that is made of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. At our online shop, you can buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the best quality. We harvest the olives ourselves in our field located in the Region of Humilladero (Málaga). We use the cold-pressed method to maintain the best flavor possible for our Olive Oils.

AOVE Águra Olive Oil comes in bottles of 500ml or 250ml so you can enjoy the best Olive Oil in the format which most suit you. Our Olive Oil is also preserved in a dark glass bottle with all the label needed to inform you about the nutritional properties and regulations.

Which type of Spanish Olive Oil should I buy?

At our online shop, you can find three different types of Olive Oil, every each of them is different from the other. So you should know what makes them the perfect option for you. Do know how to taste Olive Oil? That is a great opportunity to know how to differentiate one Olive Oil from another.

aceite premium

The Picual EVOO is well-known for being made from the first days of harvesting olives. These olives are collected when they are green or ripening. That is the time when the olives are in their optimum condition. We are very careful with the olives not to be damaged, and the oil is extracted in a cold environment on the day of harvesting. This Olive Oil is especially suitable for toasts, salads, vegetables or cheese.

Our EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees is a blend of Hojiblanca, Lechin, Ocal, and Manzanilla. This kind of oil has singular shades and a great personality. It is extracted from the centenary trees we inherited by our great grandparents. These olive trees are kept in a traditional agricultural way with a separation between olive trees of 10-12m. About its flavor, the EVOO from Centenary Olive Trees has a sweet and very fragrant flavor with reminiscent of green-ripe olives and a spicy aftertaste. What makes it perfect for cooking with meat, shellfish, rice, and vegetables.

aceite de oliva premium
aove premium

Our Coupage Premium EVOO is a blend of Picual and Hojiblanca type of olive trees. With a dense oil and a pale green color, they make a perfect balance and create a complex profile. This kind of Olive Oil has a green olive fruitiness with ripe notes flavor, identifiable through its smell and flavor. The taste of this oil would remember you to mind green apples, dried fruits, and spices.

The Coupage Premium EVOO is especially suitable for vegetables, salads, fish and meats, yogurts, fruits, and chocolates.

Why AOVE Águra is your perfect option?

One of the reasons why our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is so unique is that we pack all our bottles ourself, by hand and one by one. It is all handmade. We also add a seal of different colors, depends on the kind of Olive Oil we are packing (black for Picual and Coupage and white for EVOO from centenarian olive trees).

This process of packing and selection makes us different and unique. The whole process of elaboration is made handmade with so much care and taking special care of every detail. Trying not to use any industrial process. We do not want our products to be industrial-made, we want to give them our personal touch. That makes the essence of AOVE Águra company.

Furthermore, our Olive Oils have received numerous awards from different countries such as United States, Germany, Israel, Japan, and England from 2013 to these recent days. In these awards the jury values the scents and the flavors, considering Águra oils worthy of these recognitions.

We are very pleased that our efforts have been appreciated in all these years. That gives us the energy to focus on improvement and to see our work rewarded. This also motivated us to continue with ever-increasing eagerness.

der feinschmecker

How do I buy Spanish Olive Oil and when will I receive it at home?

To buy our AOVE Águra Spanish Olive Oils you just have to take a look at our online store when you can find oils from different varieties and the best quality. You could choose between two formats, 250ml or 500ml whatever it is more suitable for you.

We normally serve European countries in 1 week, but, being prudent, we calculate a maximum transit time of 2 weeks. Orders of more than 120€ are free of any transport charge at all in some countries. We offer you all the information you need about our international shipping costs for you to take a look if you want.

If you are not satisfied with your orders you could be refunded. For that, you should contact us through our e-mail or calling to +0034 954 091 464. When you contact us, please explain about the incidence and inform us if you prefer to receive the same product, another one more suitable or the money refund.

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